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Private Deals / Arrangements

Private deals/arrangements

This involves working out what you can actually afford to pay each month towards all your debts. Prima Finance handles all your monthly payments, all negotiations, all letters and all phone calls on your behalf.

Prima Finance’s objective is to negotiate a restructuring of your mortgage and all other debts privately and based on what you can realistically afford.

You will then have just one payment each month, for an amount you can afford.

Recent Private Deal examples

“We had 4 kids and our youngest child had sever medical issues and was in and out of Crumlin Hospital. When we first approached Prima Finance we were facing our 3rd hearing for the repossession of our family home. We were constantly arguing over money and the mess we were in and we had resigned ourselves to the fact we would have to sell our home until we met Prima Finance. Prima Finance even organised a solicitor to appear in court on our behalf. Prima Finance handled all the monthly payments, all the negotiations with our banks and other debts. We now live in our home with an affordable mortgage. I can’t thank Prima enough for what they did for us”.

Sean & Mary – excessive mortgage, 3 kids one sick in hospital

“We have two kids, Paul aged 4 and Sarah aged 7. My (John’s) income as a self-employed carpenter was severally impacted due to the down turn, and as a result we were unable to pay our mortgage and other debts. The banks and their legal representatives had threatened the repossession of our home, we were so stressed by it all. We approached Prima Finance and they took over everything, just what we needed at that time. They dealt with all mortgage and loan monthly repayments, all letters and all phones calls. After a number of months they finalised a restructuring of our mortgage that transformed our lives. We can’t thank them enough”.

Paul & Caroline - Self-employed facing home repossession

“After our second child, I (Evelyn) was suffering from post-natal depression and therefore could not return to work. Our income reduced significantly and we could not afford our monthly mortgage payments, event on interest only. We were extremely worried and stressed of the prospect of losing our home. The shame and stress of it all was increasingly impacting on our marriage, our health and our ability to look after our two lovely kids. Thanks to Prima Finance they got our debts restructured eventually and got our lives back on track”.

Breda & Peter, post natal depression, Loss of income

"I (Michael) purchased five sites during the boom with the intention to build five houses and sell them on. We built one house to “builders finish”, then the market collapsed the other 4 sites remain undeveloped. We also had a mortgage on our family home which we could just about meet the monthly repayments on, but could not afford the other loan repayments. We approached Prima Finance, they reviewed all our financial affairs, they were very understanding yet also very honest, they explained they would be no quick fixes but at the same time they were optimistic a solution could be found. They re-negotiated our debts and now we can see light at the end of the tunnel”.

Michael & Colette property speculation debts