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Where a private or personal insolvency arrangement is not attainable or suitable, bankruptcy, may be appropriate for you. Our experienced financial advisers will review you case and advise you accordingly, where we handle all aspects of your bankruptcy application.

All debts are immediately written-off once you are declared bankrupt.

Bankruptcy examples

“I was just an ordinary PAYE worker, married with 4 kids all under the age of 12 years living in rented accommodation in Dublin. I, unfortunately owned two investment properties with associated mortgages of €515,000 and I could not afford the monthly payments. I also had Revenue taxes owed of €139,000 along with other debts of €46,342. Thanks to Prima Finance, they reviewed my circumstances and advised that bankruptcy was the best option for me given my individual circumstances. I was adjucatated bankrupt, the two investment properties were taken over by the Official Assignee and I became completely debt free. It was an amazing feeling afterwards, the five years of grief and hassle stopped, I and my family could once again get on with our lives”.

Ray – Dublin

“As so many others did during the noughties, I purchased an investment property thinking I was bettering myself. I rented the property and putting it mildly the last set of tenants damaged the property. The property was vacant, I could not afford to pay anything towards the mortgage and to re-rent the property it required a significant make over, which I could not afford. I also had taxes owed to Revenue and other personal debts totalling €16,476. Prima Finance reviewed my finances and advised that bankruptcy was the best option for me. They handled all the paper work, everything, within a few months of first meeting Prima Finance I was debt free. It was an unbelievable feeling to know I could finally put that sorry sage behind me. I will never forget what the team at Prima Finance did for me”.

Rachel– Wexford